ULTIMHEAT : Energy regulators. Type 35ER

Main features:
Energy regulators are used to adjust power on electrical heaters. Connected in line with electrical heaters, they provide adjustable cycling sequence, thus adjusting average electrical power
Housing dimensions: 50 x 42 x 39 mm (shaft not included)
Housing material: high temperature resistant PPS
Terminals: 6.3 x 0.8 quick connect
Adjustment: dia. 6 mm with 4.8 flat shaft, length 11.4 mm (UK style models with 4.75 mm dia. shaft available on request, MOQ apply)
• Mechanical: 360°, with two pole off position at 0°
• Electrical: Min position at 75°angular, Max position at 285° angular. (Other angulation with max at 208.5° available on request, MOQ apply)
Mounting: Center ¼ BSPP bush with centering studs. 2 M4 , 28 mm distance screws mounting bracket available on request (MOQ apply)
Rating: 12A 230V resistive, SPDT+ on off pilot contact. Other contact configuration (SPST, SPDT without pilot, double circuit etc... are available on request, MOQ apply)
Max ambient temperature: 125°C/257°F
Approval: CE
24V 35ER102TF024V
48V 35ER102TF048V
110V 35ER105TF110V
230V 35ER101TF230V
400V 35ER104TF400V

Black polyamid knob with with white printing Black polyamid knob with white arrow, for anodized aluminum dial Anodized aluminum dial with 0-100 printing for arrow knob
Reference 66MD003000071 Reference 66MF006000001 Reference 66CG5001

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