ULTIMHEAT 2015 New products
Waterproof manual reset disc thermostats
Typr 4REMR
Manual reset safety thermostats, for applications where there are risks of condensation or water drops. The thermostat body, including the cup crimping zone, is inside an epoxy potting. The manual reset button is accessible by a small silicone cap partially embedded in the epoxy resin. The 2 wire output, in addition to protection against ingress of water, also protects users against accidental contact with live terminals.

Main features

Thermostat housing: High temperature black epoxy, diameter 16.2 mm. Good UV resistance. Excellent wire pull strength. Maximum ambient temperature 120 °C
Temperature sensing cup: Stainless steel, not over-molded to improve temperature measurement. (Achievable in aluminum on request)
Contact: SPNC, open on temperature rise.
Reset : Manual
Electrical rating: 10A resistive, 250VAC, 1000 cycles.
Wires: XLPE insulated, 300V, AWG16 (1.5mm²), stranded, temperature resistance 125°C, according to UL3266
Wire terminations: Stripped on 6mm (wire end terminals or other terminals on request)
Calibration temperatures: Available on request from 40 to 120°C. Standard tolerances +/- 5 ° C. MOQ 1000 pieces applicable for specific values.
Product identification: Reference label on the wires and coded date on the thermostat cup
Mounting: Two modes: flat bracket (type A) for measuring surface temperature, or extended cup bracket ( type B) for through wall measurement .
Main references with 1 meter wires, T125°C XLPE, AWG16 (1.5mm²).
X= codification of the cable supplied by customer, YY= heat tracing cable length (L2)
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