ULTIMHEAT : Electronic intelligent controller, on off action. Type 273

Electronic Controllers
77 x 35mm intelligent temperature controller, On/Off action
Type: 273

Mini-sized and integrated intelligent controller, with very simple end-user interface: Change of set point is made without password, with up and down keys.
Input NTC : value R@25°C:10KO (±1%), B@25/50°C: 3380KQ (±1%)
Pt100 and thermocouple K Inputs: standard curves
Outputs: Relay with 16A or 10A resistive contact depending on models.
Alarm: 5A alarm relay on thermocouple K models
Display: Single display °C (°C or °F for the –45 +120° model)
Power supply: AC 220-230V 50-60Hz
Accuracy: ±1°C (±2°F) or 0.3%FE± one digit
Selt testing: Over-scale, under-scale, and open circuit sensor display.
Dimensions: 77 x 35 X 60mm. Panel cut-out 71x29mm
Ambient temperature: -10 to 60°C, 20 to 85% relative humidity, non condensing.
Temperature display range: - 45 to +120°C (41 to 248°F)
Resolution: 1° (0.1° within the -19.9° à 99.9° range for the model -45+120°C)
References (230V types) Temperature range Sensor Main relay output
273BN6F2 -45+120°C NTC 16A
273BP0F2 -150+550°C Pt100 10A
273BK1F2 0-999°C K 10A
273DJ2F2* -45+120°C and 0-100% relative humidity NTC and Capacitive sensor 10A
*For more choices within the humidity controls, please see the specialized catalogue ‘’Humidity controls”.
Connection :
NTC sensor
Ptl00 sensor
Thermocouple K
NTC temperature sensor and humidity capacitive sensor

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