ULTIMHEAT : Hand held or wall mounting digital temperature controller. Type Y5F

IP54, Y5 Hand held or wall mounting digital controller
Distance temperature measurement (digital)
This control box has the smallest footprint and the lowest price of the Y range with waterproof enclosure. It has a modern and aesthetic design, and the same professional concept than other products of this range.
Because of their small size (120 x 70 x 40 mm), these controls can be wall mounted with 2 screws 55 mm distance, hand held or just simply laid on the working table.
Enclosure: PC-ABS, black color,small footprint , can be hand held of wall mounted
Ingress protection rating: IP54 (IEC 60529)
Mechanical impact resistance: IK05 (EN 62262) Digital display not included.
Flammability: UL94-V0
Electrical connection: on a closed screw terminal connection block cavity located backside, for wire gauges up to 2.5 mm². Cables are secured by a saddle retainer, and grommets. Ground, neutral and phase can be connected in input and output.
Power inlet and outlet: through grommets for cables dia. 6 to 8 mm. Over-molded cables on request (MOQ apply)
Adjustment: by up, down and set keys
Display: selectable in °C or °F (4 digits)
Power supply: 90-250VAC, 50 or 60Hz
Temperature control action: ON-OFF or PID with auto-tune function
Differential: adjustable when on-Off action is selected
Mounting: Wall mounting, for screws dia. 4 to 6 mm, 55 mm distance
Identification: Location backside for 20 x 40 mm identification label, adhesive or riveted
Electrical contact: Relay output, 10A 250V AC res (15 A120V AC). Open on rise or close on rise action can be selected
Temperature sensor: This control can be supplied with or without sensor. The cable can be protected by a plastic flexible corrugated tube.
This controller is multi sensor type, user settable with the following input choice:
Parameters Sensor Temperature range (°C)
t Type T Thermocouple -200~400
J Type J Thermocouple -200~700
E Type E Thermocouple -200~900
K Type K Thermocouple -200~1300
r Type R Thermocouple -50~1600
S Type S Thermocouple -50~1600
b Type B Thermocouple 350~1800
W Type WRE Thermocouple 0~2300
Cu50 Cu50 -50.0~150.0
Pt100 P100 -199~600
Pt10.0 P10 -199.9~600.0
Wiring diagram
Main references without cords*
Main features Reference
Without temperature sensor Y5F090A0000NUDF2
With PT100 RTD, 5 x 30 mm SS probe, 2 m protected cable Y5FR9BA0000NUDF2
With PT100 RTD, 5 x 30 mm SS probe, 2 m un- protected cable Y5FR9CA0000NUDF2
With K thermocouple, 5 x 30 mm SS probe, 2 m protected cable Y5FK9BA0000NUDF2
With K thermocouple, 5 x 30 mm SS probe, 2 m un-protected cable Y5FK9CA0000NUDF2
* Reference with Male Euro 1m H05-VVF-3G1 cord+ no connector euro1m H05-VVF-3G1 cord: replace 0000 by EJHJ
Reference with 2 euro cords 1m H05-VVF-3G1 without connector or plug: replace 0000 by HJHJ
Reference with UL SJT 3 x AWG16, 1m Male cord + SJT 3 x AWG16, 1m Female cords: replace 0000 by UJVJ
Reference with Male UL SJT 3 x AWG16, 1m cord + no connector UL SJT 3 x AWG16, 1m cord: replace 0000 by UJSJ
Reference with 2 UL SJT 3 x AWG16 1m cords without connector or plug: replace 0000 by SJSJ

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*ULTIMHEAT &reg is a registered trademark