ULTIMHEAT : IP65 aluminum enclosure ambient temperature thermostat. Type Y1A

Ambient and antifreeze
Type Adjustment Contact Measurement Range °C Model
Single pole

Main features
- Wall mounting for indoor temperature control of cold room
- Temperature control of industrial or commercial premises.
- Outdoor temperature control of antifreeze heaters,
- Green houses and livestock stables temperature control
Withstand very low ambient temperatures
Housing: Aluminum,IP65, IK10, 104 x 102 x 86 mm. Mounted on a SUS304 stainless steel wall mounting plate which keeps temperature sensing element away from the wall. Grey RAL7032 epoxy painting
Set point adjustment ranges: -25+25°C (-15+80°F), -10+15°C (15-60°F), 0-50°C (32-120°F), 0-70°C (32-160°F).
Temperature adjustment: Set point adjustable by temperature printed internal knob. Shipped with °C printed skirt fitted on the knob, and °F printed skirt in spare part. Printed skirt is replaceable without tool.
Action: temperature control.
Sensing element: Liquid filled bulb. Temperature measurement is made by bulb located on the side of the mounting bracket, under protection tube
Electrical connections: Inside, on screw terminals connection block
Earthing: on internal screw terminal
Cable output: M16 cable gland, PA66, for cables up to 10 mm dia.
Mounting: Wall mounting, by 4 holes for screws dia. 4 to 5 mm, 94 x 92 mm distance
Identification: 20 x 40 mm stainless steel identification label, riveted.
Contact: SPDT
Rating: 15A res. 230/400VAC, electrical life >500.000 cycles.
Reduced differential models cannot be used in 400VAC
Storage minimum temperature: -50°C (-60°F)
Main references
Temperature adjustment ranges °C (°F) Standard differential Reduced differential Maximum ambient temperature °C (°F)
References Differential °C (°F) References Differential °C (°F)
-25+25°C (-15+80°F) Y1AKRA-25025220E 3±1°C (5.5±1.8 °F) Y1AKUA-25025220E 2±1°C (3.6±1.8 °F) 60°C (140°F)
-10+15°C (15-60°F) Y1AKRA-10015200E 3±1°C (5.5±1.8 °F) Y1AKUA-10015200E 2±1°C (3.6±1.8 °F) 60°C (140°F)
0-50°C (32-120°F) Y1AKRA000050200E 3±1°C (5.5±1.8 °F) Y1AKUA000050200E 2±1°C (3.6±1.8 °F) 60°C (140°F)
0-70°C (32-160°F) Y1AKRA000070500E 5±2°C (9±3.6°F Y1AKUA000070500E 3±1°C (5.5±1.8 °F) 80°C (180°F)

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