ULTIMHEAT 2015 New products
Additional thermostat shaft rotary switch, 20A 250-400V
Type LS
These on-off switches are designed to be added on thermostat shafts. They provide off position when the thermostat shaft is at the minimum position. They are available in single pole contact, two pole (one level) and three pole or four pole contacts (two levels).

Main features
Installation: on thermostats with 6mm shaft and 4.6mm flat, mounting by two M4 screws 28mm distance. Shaft length of thermostat that receives this switch must be 12mm maximum.
Shaft lengths available: 11.5;15; 23mm .
Shafts: Galvanized steel
Operation diagram: the contacts are open between 0° and 30 + / -5° angular and closed between this value and 310°.
Electrical rating:20A 250/ 400V res. , 6000 cycles
Rotation: can be used on thermostats with 180 to 310° angular shaft rotation
Contact clearance: between 0 and 20 ° angle, the contact spacing is greater than 3mm.
Temperature: 85°C
Case Material: PA66, UL94 VO
Connection: 6.35x0.8 tabs. Screw terminals available (MOQ)
Options: change of flat position, different contact opening or closing positions
Main references with shaft length L=11.5mm

*Screw terminals option: replace 60 by V0 on the last 2 numbers in the product reference
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