ULTIMHEAT : Paddle flow switches, reed switch contact, inside barbed tee for 1”soft tube. Type R1Q

Paddle flow switches, reed switch contact, inside barbed tee for 1”soft tube, Type: R1Q
Pressure and size Flow sensing:
Magnetic pull back paddle
1” barbed for soft tube
Reed switch, close on flow rise
Electrical rating Mounting position Type

1: Paddle 2: Snap-on mounting 3: Connection cable 4: Adjustment screw 5: Air bleed outlet
Main uses: Tee equipped with paddle flow switch, for spas and swimming pools applications, mounting on 1” (20 to 21mm ID) soft PVC tubes, adjustable setting.
Used on water circulation circuits to detect the passage of water or filter clogging and avoid dry running. Recommended mounting position is on horizontal pipes, but can be mounted in any position allowing an efficient air bleed.
Functional principle: Balanced magnetic pallet mounted perpendicular to the flow and activating a reed switch through the wall. The return of the pallet is by made by magnetic action, without spring. No seal or liquid can pass between the piping system and the electrical contact. Suitable for corrosive water pools and spas and salination chlorination and bromination systems. Must not be used for water containing magnetic particles or high viscosity liquids, which block the movement of the pallet.
Adjustment: By means of the adjustment screw located under the protective cover. This setting must be carried out only by professional, qualified and trained personnel, as a too low setting can produce an insufficient pull-back force and malfunction. This adjustment is designed for single use and can be sealed.
Main housing material: Polypropylene, resistant to ozone and water disinfection products, usable with potable water.
Tee material: PVC
Paddle: Polypropylene, 15 mm width
Paddle shaft: Titanium, providing an outstanding corrosion resistance, and improved mechanical live
Electrical rating: Max 1A, Max 70W, Max 250V, resistive load. Use on inductive circuits reduces electrical rating. We recommend to protect the reed switch with contact protection device when used in inductive loads
Electric contact type: Normally open, closes by flow rise
Liquids compatibility: For use with clean water and liquids without magnetic particles and without chemical incompatibility with polypropylene and titanium
Nominal pressure at 20°C: 0.3MPa (PN3)

Average flow detection values (Liters/min)
Calibration *Close **Open
Low span end (1gr) 4,3 3,7
Middle span (2grs) 5,7 4,8
High span end (4grs) 7,4 6,9
* Close by flow rise (L/min) of contact open at no flow position ** Open by flow decrease (L/min) of contact open at no flow position. Average values for indication only.
Standard tolerances ±30%

Liquids temperature range: 5 to 45°C
Ambient temperature range: 5 to 45°C
Ingress protection: IP65
Electrical connection: 2 x AWG24 (0.2mm²) cable, PVC insulation, T80°, style UL2464.
Installation instructions: Water circuit in spas and pools can contain air bubbles, it is important to prevent them stagnate in the unit of measure and originate false flow measurement. Therefore the air bleeding orifice must be located above and connected
Options: cable with connector or terminals, other cable length.

  Cable length
500mm 1m 2m 3m
Low span end (1gr) R1Q613348S15P050 R1Q613348S15P100 R1Q623348S15P200 R1Q613348S15P300
Middle span (2 grs) R1Q623348S15P050 R1Q623348S15P100 R1Q623348S15P200 R1Q623348S15P300
High span end (4grs) R1Q643348S15P050 R1Q643348S15P100 R1Q643348S15P200 R1Q643348S15P300

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