ULTIMHEAT : Rod thermostats. Type 1B

Applications: temperature control of liquid and gas, with DPST or SPDT contact
Sensing element: Bimetal rod, 304 stainless steel, dia. 9.5 mm, fast thermal response
Housing: no housing in this model, See catalogue N°2 for this product with aluminum housing
Standard temperature setting ranges: -10+130°C, 15-95°C, 25-165°C. Other temperature ranges on request.
Differential: • Standard: 15°C with 200 mm rod, 10°C with 300 mm rod
• Reduced: 3°C with 200 mm rod, 2°C with 300 mm rod
Set point adjustment: screw driver, with temperature printed dial
Mounting: inside pocket, locked by clips
Contact: DPNC or 1xNC + 1 x NO
Rating: standard differential 15(4)A, 250/400VAC
Reduced differential: 4(1)A 250VAC
Ambient temperature: -30+100°C on thermostat body, and Max dial temperature value+50°C on rod
Main references
Set point adjustment range(°C) Rod length (mm) References with DPNC contact, standard differential References with DPNC contact, reduced differential References with 1 x NC + 1 x NO contact, standard differential References with 1 x NC + 1 x NO contact, reduced differential
-10+130 200 1BA-10130B200 1CA-10130B200 1RA-10130B200 1UA-10130B200
+15+95 200 1BA015095A200 1CA015095A200 1RA015095A200 1UA015095A200
+15+95 300 1BA015095C300 1CA015095C300 1RA015095C300 1UA015095C300
+25+165 200 1BA025165B200 1CA025165B200 1RA025165B200 1UA025165B200
Accessories (not included in the thermostat, must be ordered separately)
Pocket, nickel plated copper alloy, length 200mm or 300 mm Pocket clamping

200 mm Reference 66DK12S190712
300 mm Reference 66DK12S290712
Mounting accessories are described in the last section of this catalogue

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