ULTIMHEAT : Snap action contact pressure switch, field adjustable, IP65 housing. Type MA1

Snap action contact pressure switch, field adjustable, IP65 housing, metal fitting.
SPDT contact : MA1
Uses: High electrical rating, for 250V.
Main applications: Pressure sensing on water heaters, boilers, spas and swimming pool heaters and filters, electrical appliances used outside.
Membranes: EPDM, dia 45 mm. Silicone or NBR on request
Fluid: water or air
Fitting: Brass (stainless steel on request)
Pressure: positive
Housing: PA66, UL94 VO, IP65, PG11 cable gland
Contact: SPDT, snap action. NO or NC contacts available with MOQ
Electrical rating:
Depends on micro-switch operating force that is linked to the electrical rating
- Standard rating micro-switch (medium and high pressure calibration only): 16A 125/250VAC;1/2HP 125VAC; 3/4HP 250VAC
- High rating micro-switch (medium and high pressure calibration only): 2HP 240V, 21(8) A 240V (UL, CSA VDE switch)
- Low force micro-switch (set points less than150 mbar): 1/4HP 6(1) A 240V ( UL, CSA VDE switch)
- On request: up to 25A 250V
Action: momentary.
Set point calibration: Field adjustable with knob
Adjustment ranges (mbar): 25-100 (code 010) ; 50-400 (code 040) ; 100-800 (code 080) ; 200-1500 (code 150)
Electrical connection: screw terminals
Maximum pressure: 6 bars (87 PSI)
Ambient temperature limits: 0 to 85°C

Available pressure inlet fittings 1

References ( SPDT contact, brass fitting, adjustment range 50 to 400 mbar ):
Pressure inlet Standard rating micro- switch Low pressure micro-switch High rating micro-switch
1/8’’ NPT MA10U145H040DE00 MA10U540H040DE00 MA10U647H040DE00
1/8’’BSPT MA10U145L040DE00 MA10U540L040DE00 MA10U647L040DE00
1/8’’BSPP MA10U145D040DE00 MA10U540D040DE00 MA10U647D040DE00
1/4’’ NPT MA10U145K040DE00 MA10U540K040DE00 MA10U647K040DE00
1/4’’ BSPT MA10U1452040DE00 MA10U5402040DE00 MA10U6472040DE00
1/4’’ BSPP MA10U1453040DE00 MA10U5403040DE00 MA10U6473040DE00
Smooth spout dia 4 mm MA10U145E040DE00 MA10U540E040DE00 MA10U647E040DE00
Spout dia 6 mm MA10U145F040DE00 MA10U540F040DE00 MA10U647F040DE00
Fluted spout dia 6 mm MA10U145G040DE00 MA10U540G040DE00 MA10U647G040DE00
Barbed spout dia 10 mm MA10U145J040DE00 MA10U540J040DE00 MA10U647J040DE00
Other set point values: replace 040 in the product reference by 015, 080 or 150

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