ULTIMHEAT : Thermostats with IP65 plastic housings, for heat tracing. Type Y22

Fixed setting ambiance or antifreeze thermostat, IP65, cable gland output, two pilot lights, Type Y22
Main features
In these boxes, the thermostat, bimetal disc type, is over-molded, and is thermally insulated from the wall on which it is mounted.
Its temperature sensing cup is mechanically protected by a grid. It is located in front of the enclosure to be in an area of natural circulation of air.
Mounting: Wall, by external side brackets. These tabs can be folded inwards. There also is the opportunity to practice two mounting holes inside for wall mounting (Note: in this case the ingress protection class IP65 on the rear wall is lost)
Protection: IP65 (IK 03 On thermostat guard, IK10 the rest of the housing)
Material: ABS-PC black glass-fiber reinforced
Screws: Stainless steel, captive
Output: 2 Cable glands M20, PA66, IP66, for cable 6 to 12 mm dia.
Electrical rating: Single pole, 8 to 16A 250V (100000 cycles). Contact style can be open on rise or close on rise.
Pilot lights: allow to visualize the power supply and thermostat contact position
Identification: The cover can be fitted with a 20x40mm riveted stainless steel identification plate (standard) or with a sticker (Option)
Customization: On request (MOQ apply)
Connection: Built in 4mm ² screw terminal block
- Other calibration temperatures
- Cream color housing
- Incorporation of a temperature sensor (thermocouple, Pt100 or Pt1000, thermistor)
- 115V pilot lights
Calibration temperature °C (°F) Close temperature °C (°F) Electrical rating Main uses References
8°C (46,4) 3°C (37,4) 8A250V Ice detaction, starts an antifreeze or heating system Y20D9Z00805HCSV0
10°C (50) 4°C (39,2) 10A250V Ice detaction, starts an antifreeze or heating system Y20D9P01006CUSV0
10°C (50) 4°C (39,2) 16A250V Ice detaction, starts an antifreeze or heating system Y20D9J01006CUSV0
30°C (86) 20°C (68) 10A250V Over-heating detection in residential premises, heating stop Y20D9P03010CUSV0
20°C (68) 30°C (86) 10A250V Over-heating detection in residential premises, alarm (NO contact) Y20D9Q03010CUSV0
70°C (158) 60°C (140) 10A250V Fire detaction (withstand sprinklers water sprays) Y20D9P07010CUSV0

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