ULTIMHEAT : Wall mounting mechanical room humidistats, Universal use. Type Q88F-R

Wall mounting mechanical room humidistats, Universal use
Type : Q88F-R

SENSING ELEMENT: hygroscopic polymer film with special treatment, guaranteeing a fast response, long lifetime and high stability
HOUSING: Wall mounting, with vents. IP30.
Housing must be placed in a naturally ventilated area to ensure a good humidity measurement and be protected against the risk of splashing water. Do not use in rooms with risk of condensation.
MOUNTING: wall mounting by two screws accessible after removing the cover. In standard this cabinet also provides a backside clip to snap on symmetrical DIN rail
ADJUSTMENT RANGE: by knob graduated in % relative humidity, from 20 to 80% on 235 ° angular
CALIBRATION: at mid position at 42% RH and 22 ° C. Calibration tolerance at mid point: + / -5% relative humidity. Minimum and maximum positions have positive contact actuation
CONTACT STYLE: SPDT, the NC opens when the relative humidity goes above the set-point (humidification applications), the NO contact closes when the relative humidity goes above the set-point (ventilation or dehumidification applications)
• Gold plated silver: recommended when storage at high humidity conditions may occur, or when the product is used in low voltage application (electronic control boards)
• Silver: recommended for standard resistive load application or low inductive loads
Humidity: 5 to 95% without condensation
Ambient temperature: 5 to 40°C
• UL and CSA: 6A resistive, 20A LRA, FLA 3.7A, 240V
• EC: 6A resistive, (3.7A inductive) 250V
OPTIONS: Customized housing or knob (MOQ Apply)


Gold plated contact Silver contact Adjustment range Rotation to increase set-point
Q88F3G14C208090R Q88F3S14C208090R 20-80% Counter clockwise

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