BLUE INK BANGKOK - Surface mounting thermostats. Type IB

ULTIMHEAT 2015 New products
Combination of adjustable set point thermostat and manual reset high limit, IP54 commercial housing, capillary output, wall mounting,
Typr Y09
Main applications:
Control sub assembly designed to be used directly on standard immersion heaters, power up to 3500W, 230V, single phase.

Housing: IP54, 105 x 88 x 58.5 mm, (Cap, accessories and cable gland not included), black PC-ABS, UL94V0. High impact and UV resistance.
Product including an adjustable temperature control thermostat and a fixed setting high limit manual reset thermostat. Manual reset has access from outside, by removing a cap.
Electrical input: Two M20 cable glands.
Temperature Adjustment: Inside, with °C printed knob. (°F printed knobs available in option)
Sensing elements: Liquid filled bulbs, dia. 6mm, with output on side of housing, for distance measurement.
Adjustment ranges: 0-60°C (32-140°F) ; 30-90°C (85-195°F) ; 30-110°C (90-230°F)
Capillary lengths(C): 900 mm
Electrical connections: screw terminals
Mounting: With 2 wall mounting tabs, for M4 screws, 62 mm distance
Control thermostat contact: SPDT
-Open on temperature rise contact (C-1) 16A(2.6) 250VAC
-Close on temperature rise contact (C-2) 6A(0.6) 250VAC
-Electrical life > 100.000 cycles.
Manual reset thermostat contact: Fail safe, open by temperature rise; 16A (2,6) 250V alt.
-Power supply “energized” pilot light (Neutral is mandatory, and thermostat contact is open on rise only, not SPDT) Other pilot light wirings are possible on request.
-Liftable adjustable high end adjustment on control thermostat
- Outside access to the control thermostat adjustment (By removing a 40mm dia cap)
Main references
Other temperature ranges on request
Versions with °F printed knobs: replace S by T or E by G in the reference
Knob and dial printings
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