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Ultimheat alliance:

The one stop contact for heating and electromechanical controls solutions. Your direct connection with the cutting edge original manufacture of electromechanical controls with more than 60 years experience.
3 associated factories with the most adapted equipment and workforce


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Existing since 1975 (and since1947 under the name Lieubray), JPC is and located near Paris, France. During the last 35 years, JPC has built almost all types of thermostats and registered many patents. JPC is now producing in France, industrial and commercial thermostats in small or medium quantities. They are mainly rod or bulb and capillary models, including Explosion Proof models, and special disc thermostats. We technically know the products that we put on the market. Their manufacturing is now set overseas in vast proportions though the manufacturing of industrial components and custom products was kept in our French factory while increasing an agent and distributor activity of complementary components.
We have carefully selected our suppliers (sole agencies or distribution), carefully selected for their technical possibilities, products quality and price level. We offer not only an technical ability but also a wide choice of products in order to define the right product for your application. Regarding disc thermostats, bimetal thermal protectors, and the bulb and capillary thermostats (For the models that we do not produce ourselves), our suppliers are world leaders in their fields of activity.
JPC is known for its industrial rod and bulb and capillary industrial thermostats, but also for thermostat wired assemblies our productions cover a wide range of applications. From hydraulic systems to catering equipment, professional medical equipment to military applications, our existing customers are the most quality regarding companies.
We can make very specific products in regards of our customers needs, like special Explosion-Proof items or thermal sensors for power generation sets. JPC is an UL recognized workshop for wiring harnesses.
Since 1999 and the set up of JPCI China, our product range has gone wider and wider with components such as pressure switches, level and flow switches, ceramic blocks and even some fire safety devices such as fusible links and winches.
Our stock is more that 150,000 pieces and our reactivity to respond to technical and industrial inquiries has allowed us to keep our reputation of liability and technical confidence.
Our customer oriented policy gives priority to customer requested delivery time.

JPCI Controls factory in Gao Ming is born in 1999. This factory started with a few employees (some of them still working in our company) and a 200 square meter assembly room. Since the very beginning, the company management and organization was European. The company moved in 2000 to a 1000 square meters factory, then in 2004 to 4000 square meters, and since 2009 has moved to 10.000 square meter factory on 50.000 square meter ground, allowing future development.

Production Range
Products actually made in the factory are divided in 2 major ranges:
1.) Electromechanical Components
- Connection blocks, electrical connectors, housings for heating elements, controls, base board heaters
- Flow switches
- Level switches
- Humidistats
- Pressure switches and air switches for spas, boilers and water/steam pressure tanks
- Thermostats (bulb and capillary, bimetal strip, bimetal disc)
- Fire detection Fusible links
- Heating elements (flat, sheathed, cartridge)
2.) Electromechanical Components
- Immersion heaters
- Capacity heaters
- Air conditioning and domestic heating back up heaters
- In line heaters
- Spa heater
- Swimming pools heaters
- Heat pumps heat exchangers for domestic heating
- Heat pumps heat exchangers for swimming pools heating
- Fire detection and protection mechanisms

Vertical integration concept
One of the major problems we have to solve is to guarantee a constant quality level to our customers, in time deliveries, and controlled and stable prices.
In the fast moving Chinese industrial economy, this is a very difficult goal. Delivery failures, local supplier’s inconstant quality, and supplier’s wrong price calculation are the most common issues.
So decision was made since the beginning to produce ourselves everything we need, and reducing our suppliers to raw material suppliers. We set up a raw material control laboratory, and by this way we dramatically reduced the non conformities and production stops. Actually, we are integrated in thermoplastic resins and rubbers injection, zinc alloy injection, metal stamping and forming, machining, CNC water cutting, welding (TIG, LASER, MAG, SPOT, INDUCTION, ULTRASONIC) and all types of assembly. We also make our own passivation.

Major benefits of vertical integration
- Products engineering based on best production capabilities and international standards
- Fast and efficient new products development
- "In House" multi steps and multi levels Quality Control
- Fast corrective actions
- Cost effective solutions
- Well controlled prices and deliveries
- Fast corrective actions

International standards development
Our Chinese engineering department is aware of European, American and Chinese standards, and is managed by European engineers. CAO development is made with up to date software.
Our products are the results of our intensive R and D policy and investment, and are our own developments. We constantly apply for patents. We do not copy.

International high rank customers
Our major customers are highest rank international appliance manufacturers, seeking for the worldwide best available quality level.

Virtual visit
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Blue Ink was established in Bangkok in 2008.  Blue Ink is the commercial office and importation and distribution center of ULTIMHEAT products for Thailand and ASEAN countries, and the Ultimheat worldwide marketing and sales promotion center. The company is manufacturing flexible Silicon Rubber Heaters, for various applications like  Pipe Deicing , drums Heating,with or without Temperature Control and Safety Devices., and insulated jacket heaters for carboys, buckets, drums, and containers

*ULTIMHEAT ® is a registered trademark