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“Over the past 30 years, a whole section of French industry, the heating and cooking appliances, disappeared. There remain only a few isolated survivors of the thousands that were often precursors and major global operators in this market since the 17th century.
At this time of heat pumps, induction hobs, BBQs and holidays, it is good to remember that heating has long been a very important part of the family budget and took considerable time. The fuel savings were mandatory not only for heating but also for domestic cooking appliances. For over 250 years, these two items have mobilized industries, researchers and philanthropists who have together sought to improve efficiency and reduce the cost.
If dried yak or camel dung is still used in some countries that we consider as "exotic" or "touristic", it is good to remember that this type of fuel was still used in France less than 80 years ago, and the current wave of "sustainable development" is gradually reminding of these renewable fuels. The purpose of this museum is to avoid that this time of our domestic history, disappears completely from our memory. ”

J. Jumeau

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The search is possible by type of document (catalog, book), year, name of manufacturer, type of manufacture, brand, address... It relates to data transcribed from original documents, and in particular to identify those that are not recognized by OCR such as handwritten documents. The description of the document is displayed in French, English and Chinese...

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    5) By searching in the text of the “List of French and Belgian manufacturers of heating and cooking appliances from the Middle Age to present time”
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    6) By the historical and technical white papers made by Ultimheat,
    on heaters and components.

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